Calendar of Events

2018 Annual Dues 

Total - $280.00 (pay with check or credit/debit)
Due - February 1, 2018
Late Fee - Assessed on March 1, 2018  ($20)

2018 Events 
(dates are subject to change)

  • 2018 Easter Egg Hunt - Sunday, March 25
  • 2018 Annual Meeting - May 15th 
  • Ice Cream Social - June 13 @ 6:45pm
  • Fall Festival - September 
  • Troy Family Daze - September

2018 Annual Meeting 

​Join us at the 2018 Annual Meeting for The Glens at Carlson Park Homeowners Association. The meeting will be held at the Troy Community Center, located at 3179 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098, Room 502, on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Registration begins at 6:30 P.M. and the meeting will commence at 7:00 P.M.

2018 Annual Meeting Resident Handout

Meeting highlights include:

Tom Naughton elected to run for a full term and was elected onto the board.  Pradeep Dilli also choose to run for another term and was re-elected.   They join the remaining board members, Manvinder Grewal, Debbie Sosa and David Overberg.

The board discussed the ponds and requested management to contact engineering firms that work with water management systems.  The goal is to obtain a survey of both ponds to find out the size, geographical location, depth markers, and the basic construction/flow of water for both bodies of water.  

The trails are not scheduled for rechipping until 2019.  They will be maintained by the landscaping vendor by way of trimming back overgrowth on both sides of the path and any overhang from above.

2017 Annual Meeting

Join us at the 2017 Annual Meeting for The Glens at Carlson Park Homeowners Association. The meeting will be held at the Troy Community Center, located at 3179 Livernois, Troy, MI 48098, Room 302, on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Registration begins at 6:30 P.M. and the meeting will commence at 7:00 P.M.

This meeting will have 3 important factors that you should be aware of:

1.Discuss proposed amendments to the Association Bylaws. Did they pass or fail?  
2. Discuss plans to rezone land on Long Lake to allow an EZ Storage Facility. (between Ridgedale Players and Ace Hardware)
3. Discuss plans by the School DIstrict to build an Early Learning Center south of Bracken Drive.
4.Elections for the board of directors. This year there are three (3) seats up for election. We are seeking homeowners to volunteer.

2017 Annual Meeting Resident Handout

City Council Meeting - Proposal to rezone property for commercial use
Update - 5/9/17 --- Zoning request DENIED
At the next City Council meeting there is a petition to rezone a residential property (Parcel 18) to a commercial property in order to build a storage facility (“EZ Storage”) on the property between the Ridgedale Players Theater and the shopping plaza with Ace Trevarrow. See photo below for the location.  

Here are the details we know so far:

  • Was originally on the agenda for the March 21, 2017 meeting. Was postponed due to 2 board members being absent.
  • The City’s planning department is recommending approval.
  • Currently zoned for residential use
  • Petition to zone for commercial use
  • Unconfirmed report that Ridgedale Players may follow use and rezone for commercial use and sell to a hotel chain
  • All access to and from the storage facility will be from Long Lake Rd.
  • The proposal is now on the May 8, 2017 agenda.  
  • City Council meetings take place at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers of Troy City Hall, located at 500 W. Big Beaver and are open to the public.

School Board Proposal to build Early Learning Center 

The Troy school board is proposing to develop the land behind the subdivision (south of Bracken Drive) by building an early learning school. This proposal is in the early stages and a meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2017 at 7:00pm to to present, discuss, and stratergize for this proposal.  The meeting will be held in the building behind the school administrative office located at 4400 Livernois (signs will be posted leading the way to the meeting room).  

After speaking with the VP of the school board I was told the following:

Parcel 16 relates to the area south of Bracken Drive and East of Hedgewood Drive (Parcel 11 is a different area by Jaycee Park)
Plan is to use approx. 8 acres of the 20 acres total
Plan to retain 11 acres as is 
Plan to install nature trails
School traffic would enter off Webb Dr
School traffic would exit off Hart Dr
The top north western areas of the woods would not be touched
Unconfirmed: the sale of Parcel 11 by Jaycee park would help fund the proposal for Parcel 16 (shown below)

*Image created by SSAS. Information deemed reliable but not accurate. Please contact the Troy School board for more information http://www.troy.k12.mi.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=344160&type=d&pREC_ID=800941 

School Board agenda
City of Troy - Parcel information
Parcel 16

Proposed Amendments to the Association BYLAWS
Update 4/14/17 -- Amendment did not pass - only 12 ballots returned

The Glens at Carlson Park Board of Directors, with the advice of Counsel, is recommending the attached proposed amendments to the Bylaws for the Association. Each proposed amendment for the Bylaws must be separately voted and approved by 119 owners. This vote will be completed by written affirmation of 75% of the total votes eligible to be cast by Members.

Provided with the newsletter are three (3) Consent to Amendment Voting Ballots and a Voter Designation Form (this form must be returned with your ballots).

Please do not hesitate to contact the board or management with any questions! 586-948-1447

2017 Voting Ballot and Voter Designation Form

Mailbox Replacement Project

This spring all 159 mailboxes in the subdivision will be replaced with new posts, boxes, and decorative details. The Board signed a contact with The Family Craftsman for a total replacement value of $32,645. The reserves account will be funding this capital improvement.

The current 4x4 posts will be replaced with 6x6 posts in a dark brown color. The new mailboxes will also be a darker design than what is currently there now. A post cap and mower guard will be attached to the post to complete the look.  

The work will be completed in phases working from the front of the sub backwards. We will contact owners a week in advance of the work to be completed. Please ensure we have an email and/or phone number on file so we can contact you when the time comes. Mail delays are not expected. 

Gibralter mailbox Model # MM110V01 Madison Steel Post-Mound mailbox in Venetian Bronze

Atlanta Post Caps 6x6 Mocha Brown Pyramid Cap 

Post Collar. Rust–resistant coated galvanized steel shell protects against lawn equipment and insects. 

2016 Year-End Financials

                                                 Operating Fund            Reserves (Savings)
The 2016 year-end balance           $9,725.64                     $41,481.60                     
As of January 10, 2017                 $13,412.29                    $41,481.60

Road Construction 

Major road renovations are planned for 2016.  Both RCOC and MDOT have plans to improve and reconstruct roads within Oakland county.  

Oakland Country Road Commission (RCOC) - Big Beaver Road to be closed for utility relocation/reconstruction/repaving.

  • ​Begins March 2016
  • ​Big Beaver closed from Woodward Ave to Adams Rd
  • Expected to be completed by May 31, 2016
  • Detour: Woodward to Long Lake to Adams and back to Big Beaver
  • More information can be found at these sites:

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) - I-75 Modernization Project

  • Begins June 2016
  • From Square Lake to Coolidge (beginning on NB side)
  • ​One lane will be added to each direction of I-75
  • New news will be H.O.V. lanes
  • Sound barrier request was denied by MDOT
  • We will update this site as we obtain new information
  • More information including FAQ's, maps, updates, and traffic conditions can be found at these websites:

  • Download the Mi Drive app for real time traffic and construction updates

Bylaws and CCR Review - Proposed Amendments

The Glens at Carlson Park was built in 1996 which makes the subdivision 20 years old. The Developer began writing the rules for the subdivision long before construction started. As such, some of the rules are outdated and others are too vague leaving too much room for interpretation. At this time the Board is considering a total of 9 amendments. Below are the rules that are currently under review:

Bylaws - To amend, 75% of homeowners must approve of changes (119 owners)
CCR'S - To amend, 51% of homeowners must approve of changes (80 owners)


Article II, Section 4                 Quorum
Article VII, Section 3                Annual Meetings
Article XIII, Section 1              Records

Subdivision Snow Plowing 

A few homeowners inquired about having the subdivision snowplowed by a private contractor and paid for by the Association. Currently the City of Troy maintains the roads including snow plowing and salting.

The following three (3) companies provided quotes based on these specifications

                            Plowing                  Salting
Winter’s Lawn      $3,960 (unl)            $450/app
Trim Cut              $8,800 (15)            $450/app
Great Lawns        $8,925 (14)            $500/app

The numbers in parenthesis are the plows per season.
Unl = Unlimited

Based on the website poll we posted last month; 54 residents voted that they would not want to spend extra funds on a private contractor to plow the roads. At the lowest rate (Winter’s Lawn), it would cost approx. $26 per homeowner to cover the expense. This would likely result in a dues increase or further delaying the I-75 fence replacement project currently scheduled for 2018.    

Discounted Mandatory Backflow Testing - Required by the City of Troy 

The City of Troy is mailing letters to homes that have an in ground sprinkler system and/or a sump pump. The letter informs you that the water lines need to be tested for backflow prevention. 

The average rate for the backflow test is $95-$130. Since many homes in the subdivision have irrigation systems and/or sump pumps we want to help you get a discount for the mandatory test. There are 4 companies licensed to do the backflow test in the Troy area. I have contacted each company to see if they would offer a discounted rate if multiple homeowners sign up for the service on the same day. Here are the normal and discounted rates for the companies.  

Company                      Normal rate       Discounted Rate           Residents Needed for Discount          
Big Beaver Plumbing    $100                $70                             10                 
Big Beaver Plumbing    $100                 $75                              5
Donald Kellett Co.         $120                 $100                            5
Precision Plumbing       $139                 $90                              
SJ Short Plumbing        Pricing not available at this time

If you are interested in getting the discounted rate please contact Big Beaver Plumbing (or your compay of choice) to schedule your day and time for the service to be done.  

Not sure if you need the backflow test, misplaced your test form, or have more questions? Contact the City of Troy – Water/Sewer Department at 248-524-3370

As of Tuesday, June 16 there are 42 homes that have expressed interest in using Big Beaver Plumbing to perform the mandatory backflow test on the irrigation and sump pump lines at a discounted rate.  Big Beaver Plumbing is now offering a discounted rate of $60 per test (as long as you sign up on one of the dates below – normal testing rate is $100).  

Big Beaver Plumbing (BBP) can schedule approximately 25 homes/tests per day. They estimate 20 minutes to one hour for each test. They have set aside 2 dates to perform these tests in the subdivision. Big Beaver Plumbing states that it is important that each homeowner contact them to schedule on one of these 2 dates (248-528-1333). We will be providing a master list of all the names/addresses/phone numbers of those who emailed with their interest. So you may receive a call from BBP if you forget to call and schedule with them.  

Here are the 2 dates that are available at this time. The testing and forms must be completed by September 30th. If neither of the 2 dates below work for you please contact SSAS and we will start a new list and schedule for another day. 

Big Beaver Plumbing – 248-528-1333
Friday, June 26
Saturday, June 27

2015 Annual Meeting - May 5th / 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Hello Glens at Carlson Park residents,

The Glens annual meeting was held on Tuesday night (5/5) at the Troy Community Center. Thank you to the 11 residents who attended in person and the 15 who sent in proxies. However, quorum, which requires a homeowner from 51 of the 159 residences to attend in person or via proxy, was not met. The board and the members in attendance voted to continue the meeting with lack of quorum rather than schedule another meeting.

Meeting highlights include:

  • Becky Demings, Dennis Hendren, and Debbie Sosa elected for the three open seats on the Board. They join current incumbents Dan Vredeveld and Tess Pascua.
  • Geeta Ramakrishnan and Hoi Chow were thanked for their time and service while serving on the board the past two years.
  • Island/cul-de-sac Project is scheduled for this summer. The seven islands will get a refresh with new and repaired aluminum edging, more cobblestone, and the addition of 10-12 two gallon plants per island.
  • Obtain quotes to update the lighting fixtures at entrance (replace outdated and non-working fixtures; to improve visibility, and save on electrical). 

  • The requested install of a sound barrier along I-75 from Wattles to Long Lake was denied by MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation). The Association does not meet the required federal guidelines for the installation which was based on a noise analysis performed by MDOT last Fall. A full description of the denied request can be found on the sub’s website www.theglensatcp.com 
  • I-75 traffic noise is an irritable issue for most residents. Since the sound barrier is not a viable option residents suggested options such as planting trees to block the noise or build up the current berm. Share your thoughts with us!

  • Landscaping in around the front is not up to par. Requested to follow up with landscapers.
  • Any update to website needs to have an email sent out.

If you weren't at Tuesday’s meeting, but are interested in discussing or sharing ideas simply contact us. We would love your input, suggestions and ideas! A committee can also be formed to help research ideas for the noise abatement (committees usually meet a few times a year, mainly to discuss current ideas and bring forth information on said ideas (City regulations, permits, quotes, etc). Please consider joining to have a say in how your annual dues are spent!

MDOT - Noise Analysis for Proposed Sound Barrier - Not approved

Hello Dedra. Thank you for the follow-up. As I stated in November this portion of the project that includes the Glens at Carlson Park was at one time its own separate study, and not considered in the original analysis and proposed improvements for the I-75 Modernization project. Therefore, we conducted a brand new analysis of the area.

The recently conducted noise analysis (we just wrapped it up a few months ago) utilized the required, federal software and followed the federal guidelines that help justify locations that are considered “reasonable and feasible” for sound barriers, as defined by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). They are warranted based on several requirements, and need to benefit a number of locations in order to be included as a part of a freeway project. Unfortunately, they are not built at citizen requests.  

In 1974, the US Environmental Protection Agency promulgated the first comprehensive regulations that set the stage for the federal government to formulate these noise policies. Each branch of the federal government was directed to develop policies with respect to its activities. The FHWA issued regulations that have changed over time, but essentially state that, if a project is to be developed and there are noise impacts, noise mitigation must be considered. FHWA criteria are laid out step by step to define: 
the kinds of changes to roads that constitute a project subject to review, 
the levels of noise considered an impact, and 
how noise abatement should be considered.  

Each state has developed its own noise policy that is based on this fundamental framework. Although many people would like walls, they are very costly and only able to be constructed if they qualify, per the federal regulations that Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) must follow. The first consideration is feasibility-can a wall be built that works. This is dependent on the noise source and the receivers, as it may or may not be feasible to reduce noise levels. For example, noise walls can only be built to a certain height before the effects of wind become a problem. It is hard to build noise walls on bridges because they add weight and cause other design issues. If protection is already afforded by an earth berm or other intervening infrastructure or topography, it needs to be determined if a wall still has the desired effect. These issues are all considered in the required Federal noise analysis.

A Traffic Noise Model is used to forecast noise levels to determine whether there is an impact, based on the required, defined threshold levels set forth by the FHWA. Additionally are the benefits to a number of receivers, sufficient to offset the cost of construction. The current reasonableness level is a certain dollar amount, per benefitting receiver. A benefitting receiver is one that would experience a 5 decibel reduction. As stated above, berms, infrastructure and topography often block noise and do not allow for this decrease.  

Noise is clearly an issue for anyone choosing to live on or near a freeway or state trunk line. As the Glens of Carlson Park were built in late 1990s and the freeway was built in the early 1960s, the developer must have had the forethought and considered this an issue at the time, since he constructed a large earthen berm on the development and built some of the houses a distance away from the freeway. Experience has demonstrated at the federal and state level that barriers have little effect beyond 500 feet from the freeway. The existing earthen berm and distance from the freeway have in general helped alleviate some of the noise at the Glens.  

The results of the noise analysis indicate this to be true and that the Glens community does not qualify for a noise wall.  South of your location where the houses are closer to the freeway and unprotected without an earthen berm, a noise wall was found to be reasonable and feasible from south of the cul-de-sac to Wattles Road. It provides protection to houses along Lange, Carter and Paragon Drives.  

However please note that it is expected that the new pavement, technologies and the more efficient movement of traffic with the proposed I-75 improvements, will all contribute to a decrease in noise from what is experienced today.

Hopefully this is helpful information for your meeting. Have a good day!

Sue Datta, AICP
Senior Project Manager
I-75 Modernization Project
Michigan Department of Transportation
E-Mail: dattas@michigan.gov
Phone: 248.388.0730

DTE's Solar Panel Proposed Project - Update - April 9, 2013

The Troy City Council met on Monday April 8, 2013 and received a report from GenPoint concerning its proposed construction of a solar farm next to the Glens. As many of you probably already know, the Council decided to effectively end the project. A link to a Troy Patch article describing the meeting is here: http://troy.patch.com/articles/new-dte-energy-solar-panel-system-could-be-built-near-i-75-long-lake-road-ef378b28. Glens board member Kevin Ball attended the meeting and spoke on behalf of the association.

Your messages to the Council worked! Council members McGinness, Fleming, Henderson, and Pennington and Mayor Slater all made statements opposing to the project, noting the specific concerns raised by Glens residents in their email messages. We are grateful to the Mayor and council for their prompt attention and consideration of our concerns. We urge all of you who contacted the Council about this matter to send them another message indicating your appreciation for their action.

​DTE's Solar Panel Proposed Project 

The letter below was sent on April 2, 2013 to the City of Troy council members to inform them of The Glen's objections to the proposed DTE solar project. The board is asking for you help to deter this lease from being signed. Email the council your own objections at council@troymi.gov and we hope to see your support at the next council meeting scheduled for April 8, 2013 at 7:30pm.  

Dear Council Members,  

We are the board of directors of the homeowners’ association of the Glens of Carlson Park, and we are writing to express our opposition to the proposed solar farm at Long Lake Road and I-75. Our homes are immediately adjacent to the site; some of them are only 400 feet from the proposed development. This proximity raises many issues, all of which work to our detriment and include the following:  

  • Noise: The proposed site is a critical noise buffer between our homes and I-75. The removal of trees and bushes would likely increase noise levels in our neighborhood.

  • Visibility: Even with the existing fence and berm, the development would be visible from several of our residents’ homes. 

  • Woodlands/wetlands: The area in question contains important wetlands and woodlands. They add natural beauty to the area and make an integral contribution to our own subdivision wetlands. Any disturbance of these areas on account of the solar development might dramatically impact those areas in our neighborhood. Moreover, when the City Council voted to end the proposed ramp development at this site in 2005, it recognized the importance of leaving this area undeveloped and voted to designate the area as parkland to be "retained by the city of Troy for that exclusive purpose." To date, no one has attempted to explain, let alone justify, why the city should now freely reject the Council’s 2005 decision. 

  • Viability: Although this is a proposed twenty-year lease with DTE, it is also only a “demonstration project,” suggesting that DTE could end the project in the event it proves not to be viable. This is a real possibility, given the U.S.’ new found oil and gas reserves. In the event that DTE chooses to end this project, it is very unlikely that it could adequately restore any natural or wetland areas removed for its project. 

We have met with representatives of GenPoint, the project developer, and they express the best of intentions with regards to minimizing the impact of the project on our residents. However, this is only an expression of their intentions. The impact of the project on our neighborhood will depend on factors that are at this point in time unknown, including the intentions of DTE and any limitations imposed on account of the sums it is willing to devote to this project. Ultimately, the residents of the Glens of Carlson Park are unfairly being asked to bear the risks associated with this project: the developers, DTE Energy, and the city’s coffers may all benefit, but only at a cost to our residents in terms of diminished neighborhood quality and correspondingly reduced home values. DTE has several other sites under consideration, including another in the City of Troy. It will not be harmed should the City decline to proceed with this site. Therefore, we urge you to reject the proposed development of a solar farm at Long Lake and I-75.  

The Homeowners Association
The Glens of Carlson Park

Board of Directors 
Kevin M. Ball  
Mani Hampal  
Chi-Kuan Kao  
Tess Pasqua 
Dan Vredeveld

Click here to see the detailed proposal between DTE and the City of Troy.

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