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Salisbury's Systems & Solutions (SSAS) - Management Company
Dedra Salisbury is the owner of SSAS and the community manager for The Glens at Carlson Park.  Dedra has managed The Glens since August 2006.  SSAS handles all of the day to day services that are needed to run a homeowners association.  Some of the daily activities include bill collection and processing of of dues, answering resident questions through phone and email, payment of the Association's bills, bidding out and hiring vendors, and reporting financial and maintenance information to the Board of Directors.  For a full list of services that SSAS provides for The Glens at Carlson Park, please click here.

Dedra and the Board talk frequently through email, voice, and text communication.  Please take note that the Board of Directors makes all decisions for the Association.  SSAS provides information on a consistent basis to the Board so they can make an informed decision.

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
President/Director of Social Activities 
Seat vacant
Looking for a volunteer!!  As the Social Director, you would be responsible for planning and delegating responsibilities for the Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Festival, and Ice Cream Social.  As the President you are also responsible for attending and directing Board and Annual meetings.

Vice President/Director of Traffic & Safety
Becky Demings

Becky was elected to the Board in May 2015.  As the Director of Traffic & Safety, she is responsible for ensuring homeowners follow parking rules such as not parking where restricted, streets are maintained and report any potholes.  As the Vice President, Becky is responsible for attending and directing the Board and Annual Meetings in the event the President is not available. 
Treasurer/Director of Finance 
Pradeep Dilli
Pradeep joined the board in 2016 but previously served in 2007-2008.  As the Director of Finance he is responsible for approving all invoices prior to payment is submitted and reviewing all financial documents to verify accuracy.  Pradeep is responsible for attending Board and Annual meetings.
Secretary/Director of Communications
Dennis Hendren
Dennis Hendren has previosly served on the Board and was most recently elected to the Board in May 2015.  As the Director of Communications he is responsible for reviewing and editing all communications.  This includes but is not limited to meeting minutes, newsletters, website content, and notices.
At Large/Director of Grounds
Debbie Sosa
Debbie Sosa has previously served on the Board and was most recently elected to the Board in May 2015.   As the Directors of Grounds, she is responsible for the overall condition of the entrance, islands, trails, fences, and common are lawn.  Debbie verifies that all work performed has been done properly according the the contracts set forth for each vendor. 
Mt. Clemens, MI 48046
Phone: (586) 948-1447
Fax: (866) 929-1098